Rainy Days and Mondays

Last night the thunderstorms and lightning kept me up for a while.  Knowing that there was a tornado watch near us kept me listening for the weather news.  Luckily, no tornadoes touched down here.  Instead of allowing me to sleep easily, the weather last night made me a bit uneasy.  At last, I finally got to sleep after setting the alarm and then reading for a while.

Rain bookended my sleep and my waking. Early waking and a slow morning meant that I just lounged around and watched television, waiting for the rain to pass and wondering when/if any work would get done.   A quick mail run was the only time I got out of the house for hours.  It was wonderful.  I haven’t had such an absolutely lazy day in weeks.  Charles came over with cinnamon bun bites and we enjoyed a morning visit.  He left just before the rain started to pour again, making it across the street just in time.

Most of the day, though, I was alone and quiet.

What a treat to be able to sit and watch television, though I’ll admit that periodically I moved another box or basket from the living room back to my bedroom.  I moved a library table in and placed it behind the bed and really like the effect.  Moving Dad’s stereo in and placing it on the cabinet that now houses the albums and DVDs took a good 30 minutes.  Moving the albums into the cabinet meant that I now can throw out the metal contraption that collected dust and served no real purpose other than to provide a surface on which to stack no-longer-used electronic devices.  Those will go to Goodwill, along with two boxes of dishes and glasses.  The metal thingy can go to the trash.

Hours passed, and I watched HGTV shows about renovation, then about buying houses in international locales.  At some point I switched to the history channel to watch Pawn Stars.  Sipping DDP and lounging — what a lovely, lazy day.

Only after lunch did Tim show up, and that wasn’t really for long.  About 3, the plumbers came to install the toilet and pedestal sink in the back half-bath.  It was just not a day that allowed for much more.

Late in the afternoon, FedEx delivered the package I’d been waiting for.  That meant I was free to head to Southwind.

I visited with Dad for a couple of hours; I made an appointment for a notary.  I shopped at Walmart.  It was nearly 9 p.m. before I finally got home.

Lots more remains to do, but I’ve just not done much more tonight.

At this point, we’ll be lucky if Tim and his dad can put in the carpet tomorrow.  The plumbers need the ground to dry up a bit more before they can work.  Tim tried using a pump to help dry out underneath the house more quickly, but that really didn’t work well since more water kept coming.  So for now, their projects are slow in progressing.  I can indulge myself a bit.

This morning I’d have given anything to crawl back into bed; my eyes were heavy and allergies made me sleepier.  But  I needed to be awake and waiting, though I could curl up in the recliner and enjoy a marathon HGTV morning.  Tonight, I’d love to be sleepy, but somehow I’m just not.  Oh well.

The list of things I need to do will wait until tomorrow morning.  The alarm will go off far too early — and it’ll still be dark when it does.  But that means I can rise and begin those projects I didn’t get to today.

After the last few weeks of hectic work, a change of pace is refreshing.  Tomorrow, I’ll have lunch with Dad, treating him to some Popeye’s shrimp and some rice dressing; he’s not that pleased with the food at Southwind, and now that his new dentures are in, he’s eager to try for “real” food. But that’s tomorrow.

Mondays begin the week, and if today was any indication of what my week will be like, it will be slow.  And wet.

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