A New Month

It’s June 1 today, and the end of a whirlwind couple of weeks.  I’ve put more miles on the truck and car than I can recall right offhand.

Weekend before last I came to Lake Charles, put a truckload of tools into storage, went back to Egan, and left on Sunday for the farm, carrying another truckload of wood and tools.  The wood and some tools were for my friend Adam, who is using the wood to make my sister and me some computer tables.  It’s rough-sawn black walnut, cut on the farm in the 1950s.  Dad had one gun cabinet made and never used the rest.  I’d been planning to have a new bed made for him, but somehow that never happened, so now Kay and I will each have some of the wood.  Adam is a former student, and he and his wife have become dear friends.  He is also a talented craftsman, so he got to pick some tools out.  Then it was on to the farm that evening.  By Tuesday I was headed back to Lake Charles with yet another truckload of stuff for storage, after Kay and I got Affadavits of Heirship for the truck and Blazer.

Last Friday, Kay and I drove to Beaumont to get a duplicate title for the truck.  Then it was on to Crystal Beach to clear out my camper trailer/beach shack on the lovely slab (left by Hurricane Ike after Ike decided he needed the house — and many others).  We signed the contract to rebuild a beach house.  I drove us there and back to Lake Charles.  On Saturday we both drove to Egan, packed up some more things, and came back to Lake Charles on Sunday to unload stuff.

This week I clocked a lot of miles as well.  By Tuesday I’d located a CD that I thought Dad had.  The original issuing bank had gone under and been acquired by another bank.  Thanks to Google and the ‘net, I located the bank’s center of operations, made a phone call, and knew what to do.  I only had to visit a local branch.  The catch?  Yes, you know there’s one.  That branch is in Orange, Texas.  I drove over on Tuesday, but missed the bank hours.  Lesson: call first.  On Wednesday, I drove over, and an hour and half later had completed the paperwork.  I drove back to LC in time to meet my friend Charles at the movies for a noon show.  We got out of the movie and I had a message that the transaction had been approved.  We drove back to Orange and I completed the paperwork necessary; I drove home with a check in my purse.

On Thursday — yesterday– I drove to Crowley (in a summer thunderstorm) to the bank to deposit the check.  I left a bit after 1 and got there into the bank about 2:15.  After an hour and a half, and lots of phone calls and yet more paperwork, I managed to deposit that check.  I also managed to stop payment on a bill for Medicare gap insurance.  I went to Egan for a bit, visited with Charles, and packed my Mini to the roof with more of my own stuff.

Today — Friday — I have only driven around town.  The truck is being detailed.  I went to an eye exam.  I came home and have spent the afternoon on follow-up phone calls and business.  It’s been a productive day, and I’m pleased, mostly.  I’m going to pick up the pickup soon.  Sorry — I’m Southern.  Trucks are pickups.  Be glad I didn’t say pickup truck, which I know is definitely redundant.  I’ll drive it back to my house and park it.  By then, I think Kay will be here.

Tonight we’ll meet friends at the movies for a 7:30 feature of  “Snow White and The Huntsman.”  I’m ready for mindless entertainment.

Tomorrow?  More road time.  We’ll both drive to Galveston (appointment regarding the kitchen countertops at the new (beach) Warehouse.  Then we’ll drive to Houston to a Carmax.  We have an appointment there for an assessment of the Silverado.  Unless the price assessed is ridiculous, we will sell the truck and I will drive us back to LC tomorrow night in Kay’s car.

Sunday?  I’ll have coffee in the morning with one friend.  Then I’ll be on the road to DeRidder to visit Adam and Carol.

Next week, at least, I think I only have to go to Egan one day to the bank and maybe once to get the gas re-connected.  Kay and I will spend Thursday night in Egan, go to Baton Rouge for an appointment on Friday, and return to Egan.  I will come back to Lake Charles on Saturday for dinner with friends.

If I’m lucky, I don’t have to drive out of town anywhere until Tuesday June 12, when I get on a plane with friends.  We’re going to a wedding in Greece.  They’ll return on June 21.  I’m staying in Greece.

But there’s a lot of packing to do, and lots of phone calls to make.  There is still estate business to take care of.

And it’s only June 1.

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One thought on “A New Month

  1. Brenda

    Doozy road warrior. Keep on being efficient! There’ll be more!

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