Some weekends, I feel as though I might as well just give up being productive.  When those weekends pop up (as this weekend), I find it’s best just to give in and give up.

Yesterday, I simply stayed home.  Today, however, I finally got dressed and drove to meet friends for coffee at Starbucks.  The plan was to work on jewelry with my friend Myra at 1, but when I started to unpack my jewelry tote, I had forgotten to pack the tools.

I had wire, beads, and various findings.  Without tools, though?  Zip.  Since I haven’t worked for a while on any jewelry projects, I just shrugged and repacked everything.  Tomorrow, I’ll put the tools in the car next to the tote.  I’ve got some earrings to work on.

That’s the kind of day it really was.  My brain was never quite running on full throttle.  It was working enough to visit and talk with friends, but that was about it.  I ended up shopping after a while, and then sitting again, trying to work on various photos in iPhoto.  When iPhoto won’t load, though. . . . Nothing.  Again I was frustrated.

No matter what I tried to work with earlier today, nothing seemed to work out.  

Maybe it was meant to be a day to catch up with friends and just chat.  That’s okay.  I don’t have to multitask.  Sometimes, friends need to be my only focus, and perhaps that’s what all the aborted attempts at work were telling me.  

After all, I’m still learning that I don’t have to do two or three things at a time.  My time is more elastic, more flexible.  Sometimes, my friend Myra and I will work on jewelry together.  I’m just so accustomed to multitasking.  Clearly, I’m still learning how time works in this new life of mine.  Also, I am still getting settled after being away for three months.  I’ve only been back three weeks.  

Finally at home, I plugged in my MacBook Air and let it charge.  I went online to read some support articles about the iPhoto problem.  Eventually, I simply tried to open the program and let it run.  Success!  The program actually opened.  It’s amazing how much time it’s possible to spend reviewing photos and wondering just how they’re organized.  Actually, they’re not.  Clearly, that’s a project begging for attention!

By now, it’s clear that I’m not the only lethargic entity around.  The pets are curled up in various poses.  I’m thinking it’s time to join them, pull up the covers, and dream myself into a new, energetic week.

I’ve already put the garbage out for tomorrow’s pickup — clearing out a lot from the refrigerator first.  Now I don’t have to worry about forgetting to get up early enough to put it out.  It’s done.

Tomorrow — I will wake up and (fingers crossed) be awake and ready to go.

In the words of one of my heroines, Scarlett O’Hara, “tomorrow is another day.”  



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